Social Security and Medicare Changes Coming in 2023

In this episode Grant talks about changes coming with social security and medicare in 2024, considerations for investing if we enter into a recession, and what to expect in your complimentary Retirement Blueprint review.

Twelve Retirement Mistakes That Even Well Informed People Make

In this episode Grant discusses how much money you need to retire, covering rising healthcare costs in retirement, and 12 retirement mistakes that even well-informed people make.

Mutual Funds verses Exchange Traded Funds – Which is Right For You

In this episode Grant talks about mutual funds verses ETF’s, the difference and the uses, the ins and outs of annuities, will vs trusts, and how social security is taxed.

Taking Ownership of Your Retirement

In this episode Grant discusses taking ownership of your retirement with a personalized plan, how alternative assets can play a role in your retirement planning, pension substitutes, and the difference between wealth preservation and income generation.

You Have More Retirement Options Than You Think

In this episode Grant talks about ways to invest outside of the stock marker, planning and paying for long term care, key ages along your retirement journey, and the 4% rule and why it might not be right for you.

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